Almont Group

What we do

Almont Group is a British multinational company based in Central London specialising in luxury and VIP travel management, bespoke visa services and relocation. We are passionate about our work. Our priority at Almont Group is to listen to our clients. We create unique solutions that drive down costs and increase customer satisfaction and we deliver those solutions, ensuring that any changes are both necessary and always under complete control. 

Our Vision

We are passionate about being the best and about winning with integrity. We believe in honesty and openness. Our relationships are strong; they are built on trust, confidence and mutual respect. We thrive on teamwork. We value proactive, self-motivating people with ideas, energy and commitment. And we encourage them by insisting that every voice will be heard.

Our experience

Why should you work with and trust Almont Group? The answer is simple: because we are experts in what we do. Our combination of industry knowledge, skilled employees and specialist talents is recognised and means we are the acknowledged experts in our field. The experience is everything. We use our experience to create yours.